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Organization and project management

User guide for adding organizations


Organization creation is only allowed for users in Staff role!

Organization in Waldur context means whatever grouping platform owner would like to have. This can mean for example research group, institution, department or working group. Organization has an owner who can manage the organization, projects and users connected to that project.

Create a new organization

  1. Click on "Dashboard" and then “Add organization” in the organization selection window.

Select organization

  1. Fill the form and click "Create organization":

    • Name - Name of the organization
    • Organization group - Divisions within organization
    • Contact email - email of the person, who is responsible for the organization
    • Contact phone - contact person’s phone (optional)
    • Website URL - url of the organization (optional)
    • Logo - logo of the organization (optional)

Select organization

Creation of projects

Project creation is allowed for organization owners in their organizations and staff users.

Prerequisites for creating projects:

- User must have an account in Waldur instance.
  1. Select your home organization.
  2. Click on "Add project".
  3. Fill the necessary fields (fields marked with * are mandatory).

    • Project name - The original title of the project.
    • Project description - A brief description about the project.
    • OECD FoS code - OECD science field code (more info)
    • End date - this is the end date for using the computational resources.
    • Project image - Profile picture for the project (optional).