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OpenStack backups

Backups allow storing backups of instances outside of an OpenStack deployment and restoring it on other deployment.

On backup creation Waldur creates cinder backups for each volume of the instance, stores instance metadata and exports and saves metadata records of cinder backups.

On backup restoration Waldur creates cinder backups in a new tenant, based on saved metadata records. After that it creates new volumes and restores cinder backups into them. Finally, Waldur creates new instance based on restored volumes and backup metadata.


To create new backup, issue POST request with instance, backup name and description to /api/openstacktenant-backups/ endpoint. backup has fields state and runtime_state that indicate backup creation progress.

It is possible to update backup name and description with POST request against /api/openstacktenant-backups/<uuid>/ endpoint.

To restore backup - issue POST request with backup, new tenant and new instance flavor against /api/openstacktenant-backups/<uuid>/restore/ endpoint. Make sure that flavor is big enough for instance. You can check backup metadata to get stored instance minimum ram, cores and storage. On successful start of the restoration, endpoint will return URL of an instance that should will be created from backup, field state of this instance indicates restoration process progress.

For more detailed endpoints description - please check endpoints documentation.