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This document is a living document and is used for planning. Plans for the unreleased features can change without further notice and hence cannot be used as a guaranteed delivery plan, the features can be delivered both earlier and later.

Roadmap is created based on the backlog and requests from the existing users of Waldur. If you are interested in a specific topic, please reach out to us.

Some of the tasks are common and some are functional, listed below.

Continuous improvements


There is no such thing as a perfect documentation so we are constantly working on improving it.


We believe that automation is a key to improving quality of code and happiness of developers, so we are constantly working on improving CI/CD related aspects.


A good software is a reliable software, so we are always trying to add more sensible tests.


The list below is based on the Epics maintained in Waldur's task manager. They are labelled with domains, which have requested them. Domains are:

  • Generic - Common requirements, no extra label.
  • Academia - originating from the research community;
  • Commercial - originating from the commercial deployments;
  • Government - originating from the public sector deployments.

Open or in progress

Code Description Domain
WAL-4077 Integrate external quality metrics of Data repositories with Offerings
WAL-4074 FAIR Offerings - background linking of offering PIDs with published articles Academia
WAL-4073 FAIR-services - add reminders for users about referrals of consumed resources via PIDs Academia
WAL-4072 Expose summaries of Offerings publicly Academia
WAL-4000 Allow to limit visibility of Offering by service provider Academia Commercial
WAL-3999 Support for customer credits Academia Commercial Government
WAL-3997 Add common limit management support to HomePort Academia Commercial
WAL-3987 Extensions to SLURM module Academia
WAL-3964 Implement consolidated approach for remote user accounts management in marketplace offerings Academia
WAL-3963 Make order confirmation message a common functionality for all Marketplace Academia Government
WAL-3951 Implement more fine grained storage of user name
WAL-3943 Shared Openstack Tenant provider phase I Academia
WAL-3934 Functionality specific to deployment of Waldur in Puhuri project as Core Academia
WAL-3811 Improvements to feedback collection Government
WAL-3805 Direct LDAP support for Linux identity Academia
WAL-3793 Tasks related to simplification of the invoice model Government
WAL-3788 Add ability to see popularity of an offering from the list
WAL-3759 Add support of versioning for core objects Government
WAL-3744 Add support for creating / managing projects and resources through API of external Waldur Academia
WAL-3736 Allow protecting resources from accidental deletion Government
WAL-3689 Expose list of connected VMs for each security group Government
WAL-3626 Add ability to generate API docs for select endpoints Academia
WAL-3625 Migrate from Issue types to Request types for Jira support backend Government
WAL-3606 Introduce Organization level service manager role Government
WAL-3596 Allow logins to Rancher via keycloak Academia Government
WAL-3595 Expose port management for OpenStack tenant Government
WAL-3589 Expose Sankey diagram with costs and Service providers Academia
WAL-3585 Rancher access group management Academia Government
WAL-3582 Allow editing of invoice data for staff users Government
WAL-3563 Tasks related for getting Puhuri Core to work Academia
WAL-3524 Add support for sending notifications to users Commercial
WAL-3439 Add support for bookmarking offerings as favourites Academia
WAL-3400 Tasks related to gitlab dev pipelines
WAL-3339 Offerings (Reporting)
WAL-3334 Introduce vault for storing secret configuration in Waldur
WAL-3305 Chart for creating overview of existing organizations
WAL-3285 "Some of the services suggest purchasing of connected offerings To Do
WAL-3272 Allow setting limit for the maximal size of the total volume type quota Academia
WAL-3218 Payment profiles (Phase III)
WAL-3205 UX stabilization (phase I)
WAL-3195 Improvements to the request-based item UX
WAL-3136 Marketplace Checklists (phase II) Commercial
WAL-3135 Support for auto-scalability of Waldur running on K8S
WAL-3103 Second phase of support for virtual routers in OpenStack. Academia Government
WAL-3076 Extend current model with ability to attach VMs directly to external networks Academia Commercial
WAL-3072 Support for operations on multiple objects Commercial
WAL-3005 Followup tasks for payment profiles Government
WAL-2991 Markeplace Scripts plugin phase I Academia Commercial
WAL-2965 Enhancements to properly support virtual security gateway use-case Government
WAL-2961 Tasks related to Kubernetes ON service development and operation Government
WAL-2922 Tasks for exposing Offerings publicly Academia
WAL-2921 Extending Organization extended payment options Government
WAL-2920 Tasks related for extending Waldur with ability to assess compliancy of organizations
WAL-2850 Extending Rancher to support Helm charts Government
WAL-2843 Tasks related to building up monitoring for EOSC Academia
WAL-2780 Integration of PID services with Waldur models Academia
WAL-2776 A visual checklist for making sure that things are done for the project Government
WAL-2749 Tasks connected to improving security of Waldur
WAL-2748 Collection of tasks aimed at improving UX of Waldur
WAL-2747 Operational tools for Waldur deployments
WAL-2676 System for lightweight offering management
WAL-2637 Support for creating Rancher clusters Academia
WAL-2623 Introduce license support for OpenStack Commercial
WAL-2519 Improvements to VMware plugin Commercial
WAL-2401 Implement device booking feature Academia
WAL-2134 Further developments of Marketplace
WAL-1442 Enhancements to Waldur for service provider visibility Commercial
WAL-1309 Implement backend and frontend support for managing JIRA as a provider and issues as resources
WAL-1262 Efforts for getting Waldur into Redhat container store
WAL-1212 Reanimate Zabbix plugin
WAL-1056 IPv6 support for OpenStack provider Academia Commercial Government
WAL-868 Refactor cost tracking
WAL-842 On-demand demo environment from
WAL-791 Stress testing & Profiling (vol 1)
WAL-500 Waldur-specifics for ISKE H audit Government
WAL-198 Resource retention management Academia Commercial Government
WAL-44 Navigation FTS
WAL-30 Quick alerts

Finished or discarded

Code Description Domain
WAL-3998 Add i18n support
WAL-3976 Allow setting end of life for project
WAL-3850 Convert OrderItems and Invoices PDF to on-the-fly generation
WAL-3833 Add an intro header to the personal dashboard
WAL-3804 Slurm user list
WAL-3710 Add support for tracking historical changes to important models
WAL-3592 Expose measured units in invoice details
WAL-3587 Render component usage as charts in homeport
WAL-3579 Support for description for Secgroup Rules
WAL-3551 Extensions to request-based item offerings to support Puhuri cases
WAL-3523 Add regular reminders for reviewing membership data of users
WAL-3520 Add a minimal privilege project member role
WAL-3497 Trello integration for feature requests
WAL-3466 Support editing of organizations in homeport
WAL-3407 Extension of checklists to personalized ones
WAL-3306 Growth chart shows changes over time of usage Academia
WAL-3297 Financial overview improvements
WAL-3294 Actions for setting up Waldur at VU
WAL-3197 ITA PKI extension improvements
WAL-3096 Add support for OpenStack Router Academia Government
WAL-3022 Redesign of slurm module
WAL-2989 Reports visible to support
WAL-2967 Basic feature to track quality of handling of a ticket
WAL-2666 Extending OpenStack integration with separate pricing for different volume types
WAL-2646 Tickets related to extension of OpenStack driver
WAL-2596 Drop OpenStack packages
WAL-2590 Tasks related to VMware that are need additional analysis
WAL-2491 VMware plugin
WAL-2025 Tasks related to extension of MasterMind API for BDG SSP
WAL-1988 Marketplace (3)
WAL-1808 Waldur Marketplace (Phase 2)
WAL-1640 Extension of ansible SDK with additional operations
WAL-1568 Migrate tables to React
WAL-1523 Waldur Marketplace (Phase I)
WAL-1504 Implement basic support for Dutch government cloud in Waldur
WAL-1402 Add support for MOAB provider
WAL-1289 Add support for Jira attachments
WAL-1288 Support view of users
WAL-1286 Add support for LDAP-based authentication backends
WAL-1255 Add support for Staff only VPC management
WAL-1113 Paypal support
WAL-1095 Basic Azure VM provider
WAL-1060 Waldur goes to K8S
WAL-1058 Resource import
WAL-969 Expert provider extension
WAL-962 Add organization self-registration
WAL-925 Add eduGain support for authentication
WAL-903 Improvements to invoice / accounting
WAL-839 Miration to ES 5.x
WAL-834 Migrate to Django 1.11
WAL-833 Create a PoC for Expert provider
WAL-832 Ansible module for Waldur
WAL-793 2nd phase of Grafana dashboards
WAL-790 Add ability to set cost limit on organization
WAL-751 Support for Ansible-playbooks as application providers
WAL-730 Waldur Mission Control (central management for Waldurs)
WAL-722 LDAP-based SSH access provider
WAL-713 Add TaaT authentication provider to Waldur
WAL-701 Notifications
WAL-686 Add support for IdP
WAL-604 Basic support mode
WAL-597 /admin improvements
WAL-596 HomePort localization
WAL-595 API Documentation
WAL-568 Grafana dashbord (for operators)
WAL-566 Predictive analysis for capacity planning (organization-view)
WAL-511 Fixes for a broken network model
WAL-479 Price estimation
WAL-468 Admin and user guides (initial)
WAL-463 Extended backup restoration
WAL-462 Extend snapshot management
WAL-461 Basic resource usage view
WAL-454 R: Update django to 1.9.
WAL-396 OpenStack providers pricing info
WAL-323 Use neutron for network operations.
WAL-297 Project policies
WAL-289 Optimizer for IaaS resource selection
WAL-287 Renaming of artifacts to Waldur
WAL-270 OpenStack Tenant dashboard access
WAL-262 OpenStack Tenant Network Management
WAL-259 OpenStack Instance Access Management
WAL-213 Basic policy support
WAL-199 Provider details
WAL-197 Customer support
WAL-169 API Token management
WAL-168 Extended membership management capabilities
WAL-106 Refactoring: Update DRF version.
WAL-88 Transactional event logs
WAL-82 Controls for user profile updates
WAL-79 Tenant Management
WAL-77 Request-based Offerings
WAL-76 Billing
WAL-75 Audit log
WAL-68 Waldur ServiceStore
WAL-43 Waldur white-labelling
WAL-42 Resource state display
WAL-41 Registration
WAL-17 Waldur HomePort L&F
WAL-15 Waldur web page
WAL-9 OpenStack VM backup management
WAL-8 OpenStack Storage management
WAL-7 OpenStack Instance management
WAL-6 Waldur HomePort navigation
WAL-4 VPC / OpenStack Tenant purchase
WAL-3 Organization team management
WAL-2 I want to be able to manage my SSH keys