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Waldur is an open project welcoming contributions. To assure the smooth acceptance of contributions please review the contribution guidelines below.

Pull requests

We welcome contributions (patches, new features, translations, etc) through pull requests. Please make sure that the following is addressed when making a pull request:

  • a request has a clear scope - new feature, bugfix, refactoring. Granular pull requests make integration much faster;
  • the code is following code conventions of the corresponding platform and linters / tests are passing;


If you see a term, which needs to be translated better, please submit a fix via Localazy.


All contributions to Waldur can be accepted only you agree to license your contribution under the MIT license. Please make sure that you have the right to sign off code as MIT.

Code repositories

Repository Description
HomePort Code of Waldur Homeport web interface
MasterMind Code of Waldur Mastermind orchestrator
Helm package Helm packaging of Waldur for Kubernetes
Docker-compose Docker-compose packaging of Waldur
Ansible module Ansible module for Waldur APIs