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Waldur is a project co-developed by OpenNode and University of Tartu with contributions from different organizations. To make sure that the project is delivering a sound product, OpenNode maintains control over the authoritative source code and covers Product owner and Architect roles (see below).

Waldur and all of its components are released under MIT license to be as friendly towards ecosystem as possible.

Overview of the development process

Waldur team tries to maintain a transparent process of development. In a team, each person can have one or more of the roles below.


  • Project manager - collects and provides requirements for a particular Waldur-based project. Multiple people can have this role.
  • Product owner - analysis requirements from project managers and fits into a product roadmap. Maintains technical feature list. Single person at a time can have this role.
  • Architect - oversees Waldur platform development, including backend, frontend, external tools. Has a final word on the way how components are integrated. Single person at a time can have this role.
  • Developer - responsible for fulfilling tasks created. Multiple people can have this role.


  • Project manager communicates with customers, defines requirements for product owner.
  • Product owner analyses requirements from all projects and creates epics for technical features implementation. Epics are assigned to the architect.
  • Architect defines general development plan for features from product owner, adds description to the epic and creates separate tasks or stories for component owners.
  • Developers process tasks.
  • Product owner releases tagged versions of the product once a certain amount of functionality or bugfixes went in.