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Waldur plugins

Plugin as extension

Waldur extensions are developed as auto-configurable plugins. One plugin can contain several extensions which is a pure Django application by its own. In order to be recognized and automatically connected to Waldur some additional configuration required.

Extensions' URLs will be registered automatically only if settings.WALDUR_CORE['EXTENSIONS_AUTOREGISTER'] is True, which is default.

Create a class inherited from waldur_core.core.WaldurExtension. Implement methods which reflect your app functionality. At least django_app() should be implemented.

Add an entry point of name waldur_extensions to pyproject.toml:

waldur_demo = "waldur_demo.extension:DemoExtension"

Plugin documentation

  1. Keep plugin's documentation within plugin's code repository.

  2. The documentation page should start with plugin's title and description.

  3. Keep plugin's documentation page structure similar to the Waldur's main documentation page:

    Guide - should contain at least installation steps. API - should include description of API extension, if any.