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Listing permissions

Entities of Waldur are grouped into organisational units. The following organisational units are supported: customer and project.

Each organisational unit has a list of users associated with it. Getting a list of users connected to a certain organisational unit is done through running a GET request against a corresponding endpoint.

  • customer: endpoint /api/customer-permissions/
  • project: endpoint /api/project-permissions/

Filtering by organisational unit UUID or URL is supported. Depending on the type, filter field is one of:

  • ?customer=<UUID>
  • ?customer_url=<URL>
  • ?project=<UUID>
  • ?project_url=<URL>
  • ?user_url=<URL>

In addition, filtering by field names is supported. In all cases filtering is based on case insensitive partial matching.

  • ?username=<username>
  • ?full_name=<full name>
  • ?native_name=<native name>

Ordering can be done by setting an ordering field with ?o=<field_name>. For descending ordering prefix field name with a dash (-). Supported field names are:

  • ?o=user__username
  • ?o=user__full_name
  • ?o=user__native_name

Last update: 2021-10-09