Skip to content configuration storage is used as a database backup storage.

Add bitnami repo to helm:

  helm repo add bitnami

Install minio release:

  helm install minio bitnami/minio -f minio-values.yaml

You can change minio config with next vars (in minio.values file):

  1. accessKey.password - access key id for storage
  2. secretKey.password - secret key itself
  3. - name of the service account for MinIO
  4. persistence.enabled - persistence enabling flag
  5. persistence.size - size of storage per each pod
  6. ingress - ingress settings
  7. defaultBuckets - default buckets created after release installation (comma-separated list of strings)

For more configuration values follow this link.

In Waldur Helm values.yaml you need to setup:

  1. minio.accessKey - should be same as accessKey in minio.values.yaml
  2. minio.secretKey - should be same as secretKey in minio.values.yaml
  3. minio.bucketName - should be same as a value from defaultBuckets list in minio-values.yaml
  4. minio.endpoint - access URL to minio storage (minio service host and port). See this doc for details.