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Waldur supports integration with Keycloak identity manager.

To enable it, please register a new client for Waldur deployment and set configuration settings for Keycloak. Check configuration guide for available settings.

Configuring Keycloak

Instructions below are aimed to provide a basic configuration of Keycloak, please refer to Keycloak documentation for full details.

  1. Login to admin interface of Keycloak.
  2. Create a new realm (or use existing) New realm
  3. Open a menu with a list of clients. List clients
  4. Add a new client for Waldur. Add client
  5. Change client's access type to "confidential". Set access type
  6. You can get secret code for the client configuratio Secret code
  7. You can find the settings required for configuration of Waldur under the following path on your Keycloak deployment (change test-waldur to the realm that you are using): /auth/realms/test-waldur/.well-known/openid-configuration.

Last update: 2021-10-12