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PostgreSQL chart configuration (without HA support)

bitnami/postgresql chart is used as a database for Waldur.

Standalone installation

Add bitnami repo to helm:

  helm repo add bitnami

Install postgresql release:

  helm install postgresql bitnami/postgresql --version 11.9.1 -f postgresql-values.yaml

NB: the values postgresql.enabled and postgresqlha.enabled must be false.

Chart configuration

You can change default PostgreSQL config with the following variables in postgresql-values.yaml:

  1. auth.database - name of a database. NB: must match postgresql.database value in waldur/values.yaml
  2. auth.username - name of a database user. NB: must match postgresql.username value in waldur/values.yaml
  3. auth.password - password of a database user
  4. primary.persistence.size - size of a database
  5. image.tag - tag of PostgreSQL image. Possible tags for default image can be found here
  6. image.registry - registry of PostgreSQL image.

More information related to possible values here.

Dependency installation

Waldur Helm chart supports PostgreSQL installation as a dependency. For this, set postgresql.enabled to true and update related settings in postgresql section in waldur/values.yaml

NB: the value postgresqlha.enabled and externalDB.enabled must be false.

Prior Waldur installation, update chart dependencies:

helm dependency update