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Marketplace introduction

Marketplace is a central module for provisioning of Waldur resources. Marketplace contains Offerings that belong to a special type of Organizations - Service Providers. Marketplace provides common functionality for resource lifecycle management, accounting and invoicing. Specifics are implemented in the Marketplace plugins (e.g. for OpenStack, SLURM, Rancher, etc).

Diagram of concepts

Diagram of marketplace concepts

Adding a new Offering

To create a new Offering in the Marketplace, you need to:

  • Assure that categories are configured in the Marketplace.
  • Create at least one service provider.
  • Create and activate a public offering.

Creating a Service Provider

Pick or create an organization that will be used as a service provider. Mark it a such in the Management tab of the organization using "Register as service provider":

Mark as service provider

Creating Marketplace categories

To create a category, either use administrative interface of Waldur, hosted under `/admin (can be accessed by staff users) or use management command for loading the pre-defined categories.

  • With Docker-compose deployment:
  docker exec -t waldur-mastermind-worker waldur load_categories  # vpc vm storage ...
  • With Helm deployment

Open waldur-mastermind-worker shell and execute the following command:

  1. Get waldur-mastermind-worker pod name
  # Example:
  kubectl get pods -A | grep waldur-mastermind-worker # -->
  # default       waldur-mastermind-worker-6d98cd98bd-wps8n   1/1     Running     0          9m9s
  1. Connect to pod via shell
  # Example:
  kubectl exec -it waldur-mastermind-worker-6d98cd98bd-wps8n -- /bin/bash
  1. Execute command to see available or add a category
  waldur load_categories  # vpc vm storage ...

Creating public Offering

Once you have a service provider and at least one category defined, you can add a new service offering.

  • Go to Provider -> Marketplace -> Offerings and click Add new offering.

List offerings

  • Fill in the name, category and type of the offering. By default, Waldur supports several types out of the box (incl SLURM, OpenStack, VMware, Azure, custom scripts etc)

Add offering

  • Fill in additional information and click on Activate. After that, the offering is visible in the Marketplace.

Activate offering